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I thought this movie was quite interesting. The movie started out with Elise’s mother waiting for her to come home from school but she never made it. That started the ring of missing little girls who were victims of a child rapist murderer. The murderer runs around town targeting little girls who looked like they were alone or seemed naive enough to follow him after he buys them candy or balloons. After a while, people knew of his pattern and started to realize he was the murderer. So he gets all paranoid that hes being followed because he doesn’t want to get arrested or have people know its him. So he runs inside this building and he is so scared to be found. A group of men, i think they were just people of the town. They looked inside the building, flipped it inside out and finally caught him!! Later on, they kind of had this town meeting where everyone was involved to decide what they were going to do with this child rapist murderer. The murderer’s facial expression and body language was so exaggerated. His eyes would open up so wide and he would shiver/shake while he was sweating and curled up into a ball because he doesn’t want to go to jail. He feels as if he didn’t commit a crime because he obviously has a mental illness that he can not get rid of nor help.

There was a pattern that was very obvious throughout the whole movie. When the whistling came on, it would hint to us that the murderer is going to commit yet another murder. The murderer was whistling when he was buying balloons for Elise from the blind man. Later on, the blind man heard that familiar whistle again and told one of the guys on the street to follow that man who was whistling. That was a great lead to find the murderer that committed this crime. And that solved this whole big M mystery.

Me, Myself and I….

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Hello all~

My name is Irene and i am a media studies major. I like the public relations/communications side of it more so than the technical stuff. I’m looking forward to blogging about the history of cinema with the rest of you very soon!!


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