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“Public Enemy”

Filed under: Uncategorized — irene wen at 1:17 pm on Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I actually enjoyed this film! This is a film about 2 brothers who had a hard time getting along. One was always troubled and one was smart. The troubled brother eventually became a gangster and the smart brother joined the army. They always fought about anything and everything. Their mother always works so hard to cook and clean for them. Yet they ruin almost every dinner by fighting. The tension between them doesn’t make their mother feel at ease. She always seems so worried about them, which i guess is normal for a mother. Not only do these sibling issues happen back then but they also happen quite often today. All the mother wants to do is have a happy family dinner with both her sons and that barely happens for her. I felt so bad for her. You can see how much her sons meant to her and how sad she was when they didn’t get along or had to ruin everything.

After the scene where the gangster brother got shot and stumbled to his death on the street while it was raining, i kind of felt bad for him. In general i don’t think anyone should die like that. And when the brother got the phone call saying that his brother is returning home, i knew it was too good to be true and that it was bad news. I felt bad when the mother got so happy thinking her son recovered and is going to be healthy and returning home. She got so excited that she ran upstairs to his room to do his bed and everything. Once the doorbell rang, his dead body wrapped up fell on the floor. That was scary and sad at the same time for me as a viewer. I can imagine how the mother felt. That is a mother’s worst nightmare, to have her son drop dead in front of her.


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