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“Umberto D”

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This is my favoriteeeeeeeeeeee film thus far! This movie had a very sad theme to it.  The setting was very great depression-like. So seemed like a hard era.

It was hard not to feel bad for Umberto when he didn’t have enough money to keep his room in that apartment. He tried so hard to gather up money to keep his room.. he attempted to ask old friends but he never really asked directly. He even tried pretending to be a “bum” on the streets with his hand out but he was too afraid to do it himself so he had his dog Flake stand up holding Umberto’s hat in his mouth but no one stopped to put money in it.  Then he ran into an old friend and told him about how he needed money for his rent but his friend just brushed it off. That wasn’t the first person to brush him off, every familiar face he bumped into brushed him off. Even though he needed money desperately, he still had his dignity. That shows that he was still humbled and strong even though he did not have a lot of money. In most cases, people would do anything to get a little bit of money and let their pride and dignity go because they care more about getting the money, they don’t care how they’re going to get it. For example,  like that bum in the street yelling at people to give him money as they walked by. But Umberto was different. He relied on his pension to survive because he worked so many years for the government and he deserved it. He had morals and self respect. Even though his pension was not enough to cover his rent, he didn’t really blame anyone. Also, this movie showed how a lot of people relied on the government, just like how a lot of people today relies on this government for pensions, health care, etc.

The part where Umberto was searching for Flake because Flake ran away, I was afraid that he couldn’t find him. Umberto went to the dog pound in hopes to find Flake and after looking through cages and cages of lost dogs, he finally found him and i was sooooooo relieved!!!! Flake is such a cute and smart dog!!!! Also, the part when Umberto was going to the hospital and left Flake with Maria(or Marie? forgot her name.), the maid, was so sad. He also told one of the hospital worker who came to the apartment to get him, to play with and distract Flake because if Flake saw Umberto leave, he would be sad. That part was sad because it was kind of like when a mom takes her child to the first day of pre-school, the child will cry 100% of the time if they saw their mother leave but if they’re distracted by others or playing with something, they won’t cry as much. Yes, I know i’m comparing a dog and a owner with a mother and child but it makes sense.. no?

My favorite part of the movie was when Umberto tried to leave Flake and ran to hide in the bushes, Flake managed to find him back instantly! That was one of the HAPPY parts of the film. When Umberto i think attempted to kill himself with Flake in front of the train and Flake ran off, that was sad. Once Umberto realized what he did, he tried to get Flake to come back to him and Flake just kept running away. Flake probably felt betrayed and hurt that his owner tried to kill him when he thought his owner loved him so much. Eventually Flake went towards Umberto and they were happily together again. I LOVED THIS FILM!!!!!!

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