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Film Analysis – “Umberto D”

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The movie I chose to analyze is “Umberto D”, directed by Vittorio de Sica in 1952. In 1957, this movie was nominated for the best writing, motion picture story and again in 1952, nominated for the grand prix. Also, in 2005, Umberto D was listed in Time Magazine’s 100 all time movies. This movie was a great part of film history in my opinion.

This was a black and white film that seemed like it was very depressing and lonely. It seemed like it was during a poverty or the great depression era because there were barely any people in the streets. Also it seemed like it was during a war or in between a war. The weather seemed cold and cloudy most of the time. The music made the mood very lonely as well. I noticed that the music was very soft to set the lonely mood. The violin was used a lot to create a soft, slow and depressing ambiance throughout the whole movie. The mood was exactly how the movie played out and I guess that how the director wanted it to be. Through this whole movie, Umberto is a retired lonely older man who lives in a little room in someone’s house. He had no family and no friends. His only friends were his dog Flake and the maid of that house he lives in, Maria. Those were his best friends. Other than that, he had no one else. Hence, the sad lonely music through out the movie.

This movie was shot so beautifully with a lot of nice close ups, shot reverse shots, and many nice long shots, which was my favorite to watch. During the first scene, it showed a whole crowd shouting and screaming for their pension and you can see that that was shot by a crane movement. I know that because it was shot from above so we see the whole crowd and get the feel to that scene. The scene where Umberto takes Flake to the park to try to give him away to the little girl he knew, you see the trees, the kids playing with each other and the beautiful landscape. That whole scene was a extreme long shot. You see the whole setting which establishes the shot. There were some good medium shots too that showed Umberto’s body language. The scene where Umberto walked by the pillars, there were a few medium shots. It showed us his bod language. You can tell he didn’t want to be there, in reality, he really didn’t. The only reason to why he was there was to “beg” for money because he wanted to keep his little room in that house. In order for him to keep his room, he had to find a way to get $15,000 dollars to pay for his rent or else his bitch landlord would kick him out at the end of the month. You can see that he was embarrassed to even stick his hand out as a way to “ask” or “beg” for money. Once someone walked by, he would turn his head the other way so that that person doesn’t see his face. Also when that person was going to give him some money, you can see that he maybe felt bad to take it or was embarrassed to accept the offer. He kept moving around, looking around, and figeting around. That showed signs of him being nervous. I’m assuming that he has never had to beg for money since he had a job before and after he retired, he had a pension to live off of. You can tell that he didn’t like doing that and he didn’t want to be there by his movements. There were a lot of close ups that emphasized Umberto’s facial expressions very well. The scene where Umberto was waiting for the train to approach so he can kill himself and Flake, there was a excellent close up shot of his face that showed how scared and worried he was. You can tell that he had a lot on his mind and he was still contemplating on if he should or shouldn’t kill himself and his beloved dog Flake. You can see that he was nervous because it shows him swallowing his saliva more than once and as the train got closer, you see him tugging onto Flake tighter as a sign of fear. You just can feel what he was going through, through this scene. I felt bad for him because i felt his pain. He was a stressed out, lonesome old man so i feel like that lead him to a suicidal state. But because he didn’t go through with it, i feel like he still had hope that he would survive even if it meant leaving that little room and going elsewhere. The sound of the music also lightens up after the train passes and he didn’t kill himself. Its kind of like when the sun comes out after a big rainstorm. After Umberto’s struggle to stay alive and well, he can finally venture off to somewhere happier and better for him and Flake. At the last scene, Umberto was playing with Flake and looked genuinely happy for once. Throughout this whole movie, he was struggling and worried about getting the funds to pay his rent but now, he doesn’t have to worry anymore. It showed how Umberto’s painful and stressful life went away and hes finally happy. Just like when a rainbow comes out after the rain!

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