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“Mother India”

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this movie showed the poverty and hardship in that time period..

Durga was just a young girl who wanted to be a normal young girl but couldn’t be just normal because her family was poor. That made things hard on her. She had no choice but to eat rice everyday. She would go into her aunt’s garden and steal fruits to give to her grandma and sometimes for herself. Then her aunt would catch her “stealing” from her garden so she blames her mother for not teaching her child and the idea of “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” type of thing. The aunt looks down on Durga’s family because they are poor and always criticizes the Durga’s mother.

Also, Durga’s grandmother looks like shes 100 years old and lives with her and the mother is always so mean to her. i felt bad when the mother was mean to her because she is so old already, why would she treat her so poorly? i would never want anyone to treat my grandmother like that. The scene where Durga’s aunt came to Durga’s house to tell Durga’s mother that Durga stole her daughter’s bracelet, the grandma tried to see what was going on and Durga’s mother pushed her away. That was so mean. Why would anyone push someone that was about 100 years old????

Durga’s mother was just not a nice person, in my opinion. She would always yell at Durga, have Durga do most of the chores and boss her around. I felt bad for Durga because she is the girl of the family and had to do everything and her brother didn’t. I can relate to that because growing up, my mother favored my brother and made me do everything and treated me poorly. She treated and still treats my brother like a king and treats me like i’m not good enough. Nothing i ever did was good enough, just like Durga.

Durga and her brother always wanted their father to bring them to see and listen to the train. But since their father was either too busy or not around to take them, they took it upon themselves to get there and experience it. They went more than once. One day, they went and when they were heading home, it started pouring rain so the hid under the tree to shield themselves from the rain. Durga tried to keep her brother warm and then got sick. She wasn’t getting any better as the days went by. Eventually, she died. I felt awful when that happened. But it showed Durga’s mother emotional side. When Durga was sick, her mother was always by her side trying to nurse her back to health but nothing worked. But at least she spent her last moments with her.

This movie made me very emotional. It was very sad to see what Durga had to endure during her short life….

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December 12, 2010 @ 10:25 pm

the film was very sad realism film and i believe that’s what the director wanted to express , that the people in India had it very hard during those times. i want to mention that the death of Durga hit me hard as well because she was a young girl with so much energy. She was a young girl that was full of life and always with a smile on her face, except that time she got caught stealing, which i liked that you mentioned in your blog because i believe it is an important scene in the film.

Although it was sad to see the old auntie get kicked out of the house, she did make me laugh at times because of her actions. She had some lines in the film that made me laugh and her face expressions were priceless. When i first saw the old auntie i thought it was old man, it’s hard to tell because the film stock wasn’t the best quality. there are scene in the film where one can tell that the film stock was not the best because some scene were much darker then others even in the light and at times the film was very grainy. in addition some of the scenes at night, it was hard to tell what was being filmed, all i saw at times was just black. but the quality of the film did not take away from the story of the film. the film had times when you cheered for the young kids like the scene when Durga is dancing in the rain and times you felt bad for the kids. Truly the toughest scene to see is the mother is crying because of her daughters death. A mother should never out live her daughter, and watching the mother cry all her tears out was a very difficult to see. I walked away feeling bad for the family that had just lost their young daughter and leaving their home behind.

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